Nano Steam Gun

Nano Steam Sterilizing device, effectively eliminate and inhibits the growth of germs like bacteria, viruses. With its fully-automatic spray mechanism, Nano Steam Sterilizing device produces a fine spray, able to reach those unreachable parts of customer body before entering the salon


  • Nano Steam Disinfectant Handhold Sanitizer Spray Machine
  • Mist Gun Blue Light with OZone
  • Recommended for Sterilizing any Surface,Sterilize Salons Spas,Sterilize Homes Carpets , Floor & furniture Sterilize Car Interior

Sterilizes and disinfects even your clothes.

  • Exterminates 99.95% of viruses and germs.
  • It is completely safe, sterile and non-toxic.
  • Recommended for use in Beauty salon & health clubs.