GLUCONA is one of the first authorized representative companies in the Gulf region and other Arab countries. In addition to focusing on medical devices, cosmetics, medicines, and other medical products, GLUCONA experts support companies in the fields of electrical items, industrial equipment, detergents, and other FMCG goods. We help medical companies cope with their barriers while doing business in the GCC. We help various firms in stipulating their business roadmaps and expansion strategies. GLUCONA secures clarity and pre-planned actions to achieve reliable growth at managed risk rate. We not only facilitate the compliance and regulatory aspects, we go even a step further to guide our customers to find the right partners, distributors, launch their business concepts, benchmark their operations, and sustain their business growth. Having wide connections in both private and governmental sectors, GLUCONA opens more doors for business development opportunities.

With more than 10 years of expertise in the GCC countries , GLUCONA owns the expertise to boost your business proposals and save you time to enter the market and remove any other obstacles that are stopping your expansion plan.In addition to all above, Glucona offers extensive support deals to national and international firms, by representing them as sole distribution and marketing agent in GCC countries.